Current Officers

image of Kelsey Waara

Kelsey Waara

image of Mara Jackson

Mara Jackson
Senior Director of Communications and Soc. Affairs

Not Pictured:
Temi Mafe:Vice-President
Eileen Omizo-Whittenberg: Director of Finance
Kat Divina Sanchez: Assistant Director of Finance
Taylor Heinz: Assistant Director of Communications and Social Affairs
Kristin DeBoom: Senior Web­Master
Associate Web Masters: Alex Holtzman and Lindsey Schulte
Zach Bucek: Project Manager
Hilary Rowe: Director of UX and UI Design
Zoe Sponsler-Hoehn: Student Senate Representative

Past Officers

We are grateful for the legacy of past officers of SDC, and people who helped form this club before it was even called SDC. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

image of Jacqueline Quintanilla

Jacqueline Quintanilla – President

image of Erica Malloy

Erica Malloy – Director of Communications

image of Sarah Fisher

Sarah Fisher – Director of Social Affairs

image of Savanah Ries

Savanah Ries – Director of Finance

Not pictured:
Deborah Turney: Project Manager
Christine Neutgens: Website Maintenance and Project Manager
Matt Pauly: Co-Director of Communications


Ian Sorlie – Co-President, Student Senate Rep.


Tim Brown – Director of Interactive Media


Elisa Lundquist – Director of Finance


Casey Jacobson – Web Developer


Lucy Lamp – Web Designer