Karen Hanson/Curb Crowser/Production Manager-Digital Artist

Wednesday, November 1 at 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Karen Hanson is a Production Manager at Curb Crowser (brand and design agency). Her background includes Adventure Advertising, Lee Branding, Olson Ad Agency, and freelance design work. A true renaissance woman she has been involved with many facets of our creative scene in the twin cities. She battled in roller derby as a MN Roller Girl, you can find her on her Royal Enfield motorcylcle (with side car) cruising with the Moto-Lisas, and she has accumulated many degrees in design, print production, and photography. She is an incredible example of someone who has had the strength and bravery to truly carve her own path in this creative industry. You will be inspired by hearing her creative journey and the cool projects she has worked on in our Adobe Illustrator class. Hope to see you there!

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